Freedom Convert. Be one too.

YES! The answer is yes Freedom Won© is standing by to do an electric conversion for you too on the vehicle of your choice.

Perhaps your household is in the fortunate position to have more than one motorcar. The next time then when you're thinking of selling/upgrading one of your fuel guzzlers, you could electrify it instead and join the forerunners in pioneering a breakaway to electrified 'freedom'...

Of course we do appreciate that the conversion cost is a major consideration... however if you do the maths you will see that you save more money in petrol than it costs to pay back a loan for the conversion cost! Especially if you have a larger vehicle and you drive a lot. We have saved just over R100k in fuel and services already in the first two years while driving our own EV (zero servicing cost) - Freedom 1. So that was a R100k of the R250k conversion cost already recouped.

Believe us, owning and driving an electric conversion is truly the most inspiring and electrifying experience!

Electricity in full motion... now you too can always run on empty.

The buyer may bring the desired car to convert to us. We will then set about the custom design of the conversion, procurement of components followed by the installation. Your conversion will take one month, kicking off after a three month lead time on motor and battery orders.

An average conversion varies between R250 000 - R350 000 (excl. VAT), excluding the donor vehicle and requires a 80% deposit. The final cost is dependent on the range, power requirements and type of vehicle selected for the conversion.

Other Forward Thinkers have already chosen to plug into our current future:

Game Viewing Vehicle EV Conversions

Freedom3 (Conversion Aug 2014) &
Freedom5 (Conversion Feb 2015) &
Freedom6 (Conversion Apr 2015)
(Land Rover Defender 130” Pickups with Crew Cab)
- Cost R370k


  • Batteries: 180 x 60Ah LiFePO4 Cells = 35kWh, 580V Operating Voltage, series connected
  • Electric Motor: 80kW Permanent Magnet 380V 3 Phase AC, 600N.m Max Coupled Directly to Transfer Case (no gearbox)
  • Motor Controller: 211A 3 Phase AC Variable Frequency Inverter
  • Top Speed (limited): 115km/h
  • Range (at 70km/hr): 140km
  • Charging: Max 5 hours on 30A plug, 8 hours on standard 16A Household Plug
  • Braking: Primary - Regenerative through motor using brake pedal sensor, Secondary and Emergency – Standard Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Net Weight Gain of Conversion:  250kg
  • Fuel Price – ALWAYS Irrelevant

Game Viewing River Boat EV Conversions

Freedom4 (Electric “Skimmer” River Boat)
Conversion Sept 2014
Conversion Apr 2015
– Cost R260k


  • Batteries: 180 x 60Ah LiFePO4 Cells = 35kWh, 580V Operating Voltage, series connected
  • Electric Motor: 30kW Permanent Magnet 380V 3 Phase AC Mounted to Yamaha 40HP Outboard Stem
  • Motor Controller: 88A 3 Phase AC Variable FrequencyInverter
  • Cruise Speed (estimated): 8km/h
  • Range (at 8km/hr, estimated): 25km
  • Range (at 8km/hr, estimated: 25km
  • Charging: Max 5 hours on 30A plug
  • Fuel Price – ALWAYS Irrelevant

Mobile Lighting Plants

Mobile Lighting Plants’ LiFePO4 FreedomWON Concept provided to P&C Mining Services
Manufacturing by P&C Mining Services
– Cost approx. R250k per plant


  • Trailer Mounted Light Mast with LED Flood Lights
  • Powered at Night By: 80 x 100Ah LiFePO4 Cells = 26kWh, 10 parallel strings of 8 cells in series,  24V nominal
  • Charged in the Day by: 6 x 290W PV Solar Panels via a Charge Controller
  • Charged Whenever if Required by: 1 x 5kW On Board Electrical Grid Supply Charger
  • Lasts through three days of poor weather while running the 600W lighting all night
  • Lightweight design afforded by LiFePO4 Cells allows towing by LDV
  • No routine maintenance required
  • Cells resistant to high temperatures experienced in application environments
  • Conserve our Environment – ALWAYS Relevant

Toyota Prius Conversion

(Converted to Plug-In Electric Hybrid)
Conversion Dec 2013
– Cost R110k


  • Batteries (New Pack): 76 x 40Ah LiFePO4 Cells = 10kWh, series connected
  • Electric Power Available: Original Prius 21kW
  • Top Speed on Electric Power: 110km/h
  • Range (at 90km/hr on electric power only): 65km
  • Charging: Max 4 hours on 16A Household Plug
  • Braking: Primary - Regenerative through motor using brake pedal sensor, Secondary and Emergency – Standard Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Net Weight Gain of Conversion:  150kg
  • Fuel Price – LESS Relevant!

Fiat 500 Conversion

Freedom7 (Fiat 500)
Conversion Mar 2015
– Cost R250k


  • Batteries: 180 x 40Ah LiFePO4 Cells = 23kWh, 580V Operating Voltage, series connected
  • Motor Controller: 3 Phase AC Variable Frequency Inverter
  • Range (at 90km/h): 200Km
  • Braking: Primary - Regenerative through motor, Secondary and
  • Emergency - Standard Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Net Weight Gain of Conversion: 230kg
  • Top Speed (limited): 160km/h
  • Charging: Max 4 hours on 32A plug, 6 hours on standard 16A Household Plug
  • Electric Motor: 45kW (60kW peak) Permanent Magnet 380V 3 Phase AC, 300N.m Max Coupled to gearbox input shaft

Fuel Price - Always Irrelevant
Freedom7’s energy costs will be naught, as it will be charging from a home PV system!




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Elektriese Landy vir wild beloer… Die Freedom3, die eerste elektries gedrewe Land Rover.

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Team Freedom Won is driven by challenge! 

Freedom Won© PTY Ltd

Developing and growing Southern Africa’s adoption of green energy solutions and electric mobility.

Freedom Won, a South African company was founded in 2011 with the completion of our first electric vehicle conversion prototype - our Jeep Grand Cheroke (dubbed Freedom1). We have since built several more electric vehicles, predominantly for the wildlife tourism lodges to use for game drives (safari). The Freedom Won electric conversion design can be installed into most existing car models, at various levels of sophistication, power and range, depending on requirements and budgets.

The Lithium battery technology used in Freedom Won's EV conversions has proven so successful, we further developed solutions for static energy storage using this same technology. Commissioning of these energy storage solutions started in 2014 and in April 2015 we launched our new Freedom Lite energy storage battery. Our Lite battery sells our Lithium Iron Phosphate energy storage solutions in an integrated, compact and stylish wall unit for residential and business use, to protect against load shedding and outages as well as integration with solar panels to reduce or eliminate utility power usage.

Freedom Won has Africa's unique power challenges covered with our leading range of superior Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) energy storage solutions. Our solutions are fast becoming the preferred choice as the huge advantages of using this proven technology become more widely known through our marketing efforts.

Meet Freedom Won’s founders

Lizette Kriel

Business Development, Strategy, Brand

Lizette Kriel is vigorously involved in the green Freedom Won brand.

Her career started with initial training in speech and drama at UP. Little did she know that her studies and career expansion would prove significant forces in the development of her marketing expertise and eventual shared ownership of Freedom Won.

Her extensive exposure to stage management honed her organisational and creative skills, which further evolved into her brand communications proficiency.

Her lingering passion for marketing, writing and branding saw her joining Saatchi & Saatchi, subsequently moving into Adcorp and eventually managing her own transformational marketing company - Summertime (2007 -2012).

When meeting Antony in 2008 a dramatic shift took place as Lizette’s interest was increasingly raised - and finally completely sold on meeting the challenges of driving the business development, strategy, branding, marketing and publicity of a shared green vision.

Steadfast, excited and determined to explore the green entrepreneurial opportunities Freedom Won offers… on 9 December 2011 Lizette and Antony successfully took to the road in Freedom1 (their electric converted Jeep Grand Cherokee)...

Antony English

Bsc. Eng (Elec-Mech), MBA,PMP

Challenge has taken centre stage throughout his life...

When, as a toddler, when Antony English received a toy as a present he was often compelled to gather Dad's tools and start disassembling it to see how it worked. He just had to understand the magic of the mechanics and later also the mystery of electricity. And so his life and professional career was launched and kept in orbit by challenge. 

His childhood fantasies were shaped and took off at Progress Flight Academy - his parents' flying school at Greenbushes in the Eastern Cape where at the age of 17 he qualified as a private pilot and subsequently as a commercial pilot.

Having been granted a bursary by Anglo American he graduated with honours in 1999 as an Electro-Mechanical Engineer. During the past twelve years he's been employed in project engineering and management within the mineral processing sectors.

Antony reached another personal milestone in March 2006 when he took to the air in his laboriously restored vintage aircraft.
Further personal challenges were achieved with the completion of his MBA in 2005 and in 2011 he became a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

But all this while, another exciting challenge was beginning to take shape in Antony's mind: an SUV conversion to pure electric drive - Freedom1. Years of prior research, design and planning were spent to bring this new vision to life... and from May 2009, together Antony and Lizette, spent somewhat more than 1000 hours of hard work in their small workshop – converting, building, testing, rethinking and retesting the conversion of their Jeep Grand Cherokee to a pure electric vehicle (EV). On 9 December 2011 Antony and Lizette successfully took to the road in Freedom1 (their electric converted Jeep Grand Cherokee)...

Believe it - it’s Pure Electric!

Since Friday, 9 December 2011 @ 20h05, Team-Freedom Won© has been driving our prototype electric car conversion to work, shops, restaurants, friends and family!

We are thrilled to report that after almost four years all systems are performing according to our high standards for reliability, safety and operability.

70 000kms/0 litres!

The vehicle selected for our first electric conversion was a Jeep Grand Cherokee with uprated suspension, which easily handles the 200kg net weight increase of the conversion - enter Freedom1©.

Our electric conversion is a five seater SUV with a motor capable of delivering 80kW continuously, with 600Nm of torque available, a practical 170km range between charges and is comfortable with a 120km/h highway driving.

The motor is a robust air cooled six pole three phase magnet motor, designed for heavy duty applications and ultimate efficiency. It is driven by a sophisticated microprocessor controlled variable speed inverter drive, capable of efficiently providing strong but smooth torque delivery through the motor speed range. The system includes regenerative braking for maximum efficiency and range.

The Freedom1 drive design consists of the motor connected directly to the transfer case via a short drive shaft, driving the front (optional) and rear wheels through the original axle differentials.

The 600V DC battery pack design is made up from a number of large format high performance lithium ion cells, produced by one of the world's leading lithium cell manufacturers. The vehicle is fitted with an on-board charger that connects at home or office to a simple custom installed high power charging supply, capable of charging a fully discharged battery pack within 6 hours. For everywhere else the vehicle can also be charged in 6-8 hours using an ordinary 16A 230V household socket.

EVs (electric vehicles) require almost zero maintenance andFreedom1©'s operating costs amount to a fraction of its ICE (internal combustion engine) counterparts.

Freedom1’s Vital Statistics...

  • Motor Power - 80 kW
  • Motor Torque - 600Nm
  • Variable Range -
    170kms (@90km/ph)
    140kms (@110km/ph)
  • Top Speed - Electronically Limited to 135km
  • Battery Capacity - 35 kWh
  • Battery Voltage - 600V DC
  • Motor Voltage - 380V 3 Phase AC
  • NO Gearbox
  • Electric Motor is coupled directly to transfer case
  • 180 x 60Ah 3.3V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells
  • Battery Life - 10 years
  • Sophisticated Active Battery Management System
  • On Board 12V Battery Charger
  • Full Charge - in 6 hours
  • Charge from a normal
  • household socket
  • On Board Charger
  • DC to AC Variable Frequency Inverter
  • Low Range Selection
  • Regenerative Braking

Fuel Price - ALWAYS Irrelevant!

Energy Cost - 12c per km!


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